West Hollywood Intensive Program

The West Hollywood Intensive Program is designed to introduce both the experienced and inexperienced adult actor to the Method. The curriculum is based on our full-time programs: Method Acting, Acting for TV/Film, and additional electives that vary each session. This program is suited for university students, working professionals, and those students who are only able to attend a short program that would like to be exposed to new possibilities in their acting throughout the calendar year – winter, spring, summer and fall.

Intensives are offered seasonally at the Institute and run congruently to the regular adult Institute programming. Intensives are 2 weeks in length and are for students wishing for a focused and concentrated taste of The Method. All intensives have a set curriculum that pushes students toward a certain level of training in acting, while building a basic understanding of Lee Strasberg’s work.

Intensives are broken down as follows:

Winter Intensive Course (February, 2 weeks)
Spring Intensive Course (May, 2 weeks)
Summer Intensive Course (July(Mid-Summer), 2 weeks OR August(Late-Summer), 2 weeks)
Fall Intensive Course (October(Fall A), 2 weeks OR November(Fall B), 2 weeks)

There is no application required for the Intensive programs in West Hollywood. To enroll in a West Hollywood Intensive program, you must submit:
• Registration form (found here)*
• Photo for identification purposes
• Non-Refundable Deposit of $525* (paid by check, money order, credit/debit card or wire transfer) Credit Card Authorization *Tuition balance due 2-weeks prior to Intensive start date.

Please be advised that there is limited space for this program. This program will close once all spaces have been filled.
IMPORTANT: To enroll in a West Hollywood Intensive program, you must submit the Registration form found here, not the Application form found on the “How to Apply Page”.

Students who wish to enroll in a regular program of study (12-Week, One-Year Conservatory or Two-Year Conservatory) after completing an Intensive program, must then complete the application process, as outlined in the Admissions Requirements. The Intensive shall serve to fulfill the interview requirement and the $50 application fee will be waived.