Strasberg WORKS

Strasberg WORKS

The StrasbergWORKS program is an initiative set up by the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute to encourage students to create original work and provide them with a basic education on theatre production in New York City. This series is an excellent opportunity to take creative risks and explore new play ideas in a safe and supportive environment. A small stipend will be provided to the winning students.

Barbara, a florist, one day finds her mother standing in the living room of her tiny apartment, somewhere in Manhattan. The parents have decided to split and now the mother – who wishes to do nothing but dance makes herself comfortable in Barbara’s living room.

Old family situations are relived – and somehow the roles have switched.

Barbara finds herself taking care of her mother and questions who is actually the child.

Sabrina Worsch, Hilde Skappel, Rafael Svarin, Kabir Singh

Mirjam Khera

This June the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute presents “Environmental Science” – produced solely by students.

Join us and come watch this funny and yet sad story with up’s and down’s and a wonderful cast that perform at their best!

Free Admission
Reservation: [email protected]


I know All save myself alone The play tells a life story of the greatest French poet of the 15th century – Francois Villon, also known as the “Voice of Paris”. The story leads us from Villon’s student years, when he used to be an assiduous scholar of Sorbonne and foster child of the senior Priest Guillaume de Villon, to the time when the poet gets involved with a bad company and is being lead into the mire of thefts, burglaries, and finally – unpremeditated murder. After the crime Villon is banished from Paris and he wanders in the precincts of the city fighting for survival, retaining his fervent mind, sharp tongue, skill of scoffing his enemies and ill-wishers in his poems. However, the prodigal son returns to Paris to find his place in this world… Being banished for the last time, he vanishes from Paris and vanishes from History…

Lisa Monde