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Congratulations to Ross Anderson, Daisy Bevan, Alexandre Poole, and Polina Barbasova for an amazing showing of “Poison” and review at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Beehive preview ‘Poison’ before it hits Edinburgh Fringe Festival


“This spring I will be graduating from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Having been here for 2 years has been one of the best decisions I took for my life and one of the most exciting journeys. Not only was I taught about acting truthfully, I had also find my own truth, which led me to singing, writing and composing music. This May 2012 I shot my first music video to my single “Get Over Yourself”, after having produced three of my songs, which will be out soon on my demo album “Time”. Everything needs time, wounds need time to heal and one needs time to understand, grow and mature. I am time, you are time, life is time. I am me, when I am music.” —— Ann-Sophie Duermeyer



POISON, original play by Strasberg student, premieres in New York – To go to Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The original play, POISON, written by Ross Anderson, a Strasberg New York student, is having its
New York premiere on May 25, 2012 at LSTFI. It will then be presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ( The production will run August 12th -18th, 2012 at Venue C.

The cast for the LSTFI show includes Ross Anderson, Daisy Bevan, Michael Billington, and Polina Barbasova, with Assistant Director Alexander Poole.

The cast for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival show will include Ross Anderson, Daisy Bevan, Michael Billington, and Kimberly Sinclair, with Assistant Director Alexander Poole.

About the Play:
Enter the life of Rachel de Quincy as she struggles with the various poisons that her closest family and friends find themselves addicted to. Having grown up with successful parents who weren’t present and who always pressured them to succeed, her brother and sister have spiraled down the route of cocaine and alcohol addiction, respectively. As we follow their lives, we discover the fatal effects of the poisons (drug abuse, selfishness, jealousy, and lust), mixed with an absence of parental love and the pressure to succeed, among today’s youth.



Melissa Faith Yeo is a model-turned-actress from Singapore. She enrolled into the Institution (NYC campus) for the Spring semester in 2010 after deciding to make her career move into acting. While doing so, she was also pursuing a degree in The English Language and Communication Studies.

As a model, she was in worldwide campaigns for Emirates airlines, the face of Fujifilm and a Deal or No Deal girl on her local TV.

After returning from NYC to act in her country, Melissa Faith Yeo has been on TV for both English and Chinese programmes, an Asia-Pacific web series for HP and a feature film. She also made a leap to the Philippines to perform in a play, Almost, Maine.

Booked Out

Directed by: Bryan O’Neil
Starring: Mirren Burke, Rollo Weeks, Claire Garvey and Sylvia Syms
Release Date: March 12 2012

Ailidh (Mirren Burke) has two loves in this world: spying on her neighbors and writing graphic novels. The arrival of Jacob (Rollo Weeks – Girl with a Pearl Earring), inspires Ailidh and she soon begins conjuring up increasingly elaborate plans to bump into him. Upstairs, Mrs Nicholls (Sylvia Syms – The Queen) provides Ailidh with a perfect opportunity and she soon has Jacob teaching Mrs Nicholls dead husband French. Unfortunately, Ailidh’s romantic endeavors are disrupted when she realizes she isn’t the only girl in Jacob’s life. Featuring compelling performances from an exceptional cast of actors, the debut feature from Bryan O’Neil is a funny, unique and heart-warming story of love, life and moving on.

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Lisa Monde:

I Know All Save Myself Alone

About the Book:

The play tells a life story of the greatest French poet of the 15th century – Francois Villon, also known as the “Voice of Paris”. The story leads us from Villon’s student years, when he used to be an assiduous scholar of Sorbonne and foster child of the senior Priest Guillaume de Villon, to the time when the poet gets involved with a bad company and is being lead into the mire of thefts, burglaries, and finally – unpremeditated murder. After the crime Villon is banished from Paris and he wanders in the precincts of the city fighting for survival, retaining his fervent mind, sharp tongue, skill of scoffing his enemies and ill-wishers in his poems. However, the prodigal son returns to Paris to find his place in this world… Being banished for the last time, he vanishes from Paris and vanishes from History…

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About the Author:

Ever since early childhood Lisa Monde has been studying dancing, singing and music professionally. Later she has acquired a Higher Philological Education and defended her thesis concerning the issue of the Musical Librettos’ Translation (bachelor’s – master’s degree), also has a Ph.D. in Musical Pedagogy (vocal singing).

Lisa is the author of 8 musical librettos, several books for Musical Theatre shows and plays, including the Historical Drama “I Know All Save Myself Alone”.

In 2008 Lisa starts her pedagogical activity as the vocal coach. She worked with vocalists, actors, children, that were to participate in the production of various Kids Musicals. The results of her teaching were registered in the form of patents. In cooperation with the Institute of Modern Arts and the New York Film Academy Lisa has prepared a DVD, a video teaching guide – the master class on the vocal styles in Musical Theatre.

Since 2009 she lives in New York, USA, where she has graduated from the New York Film Academy (Musical Theatre Conservatory Program) as well as studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (Acting).